The large neighborhood of Nouveau-Rosemont is a laid-back and relaxing area just outside of Montreal. With its family life and various parks and schools, it’s easy to see why living in Nouveau-Rosemont keeps the mind at ease. However, it’s easy to get comfortable in a relaxing lifestyle, and sometimes too much comfort can take a toll on our health. Whether you’re a busy businessperson or a stay at home parent, Beyond Physical can help you achieve the body you’ve been dreaming about.

Beyond Physical has over a decade of experience transforming the lives of people of all shapes, age, and sizes. When you exercise with us, there is no guesswork. Beyond Physical offers personalized training, guidance, and extreme motivation to give you weight loss results. Our highly-qualified team is here for you every step of the way and is invested in your success.

Personalized Training Approach

Beyond Physical offers a variety of programs and challenges for you to choose from. Each program keeps you and your goals in mind and is tailored for your specific needs. We ensure that our atmosphere is energizing and motivating, allowing you to feel comfortable and supported every time. Beyond Physical can give you:

Ditch the Scale,
have the body you want,
and wear the clothes you love!

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Choose whichever program or challenge you think suits you,
and start changing your life.

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Nutritional Guidance

We know that not everyone is a fitness guru quite yet, so we start at your level and create customized plans specific to your goals, body type, and experience. Not only do we offer personalized workout plans, but when you sign up for one of our programs, you will also receive nutritional guidance. Using a combination of training and nutrition, you will start losing weight and keeping it off in no time at all.

The team at Beyond Physical is ready to help you reach your full fitness potential and show you a healthy lifestyle. Change starts here! Contact us at (514) 255-2555 to learn more about us and schedule your next training session.