Dining on Vacation: How to Relax and Splurge in a Healthy Way

Dining on Vacation: How to Relax and Splurge in a Healthy Way

After months of working hard, you deserve some time to relax and pamper yourself. A vacation is exactly what the doctor ordered to restore energy levels and help your sanity rebuild itself. However, just because you’ve gone on vacation doesn’t mean that your diet or eating habits should. Vacation time can often develop bad eating habits that stick with you long after the trip is over. It’s easier to make excuses, but you’ll feel the brunt of those added calories and bad food choices the second you’ve returned home. To make sure you’re sticking close to your diet and eating right, consider following some of these tips to help you out and keep your body healthy.

Don’t Splurge

Splurging on anything and everything but your nutrition is part of the fun of a vacation. You’ll feel the urge to eat whatever you want because you’re on vacation. However, even when relaxing, your body needs proper nutrition to maintain energy levels and maximum health. Depending on the holiday of choice, you may need that extra energy to keep up with the kids. So, stay on top of it and keep ordering food that falls within your diet or lifestyle plan in order to promote weight loss.

Mind the Portions

Resorts and other restaurants that are in areas with high tourism tend to spoil their customers. No matter what you order, you’re going to find huge portions resting on your plate. Just because it’s all there doesn’t mean you have to eat it all. You can either order a half-portion, or you can eat the correct amount, and then have them box up your meal for a later dinner. Cutting your portions can be a great way to save a little money, too, as you can have your leftovers for breakfast the next day.

Move Your Body

It’s going to be tempting to laze around all day, but one last tip you should take to heart is to move around. Even a simple walk can help you burn calories and keep from adding additional weight during your vacation. If you’re at a resort, they usually have some morning group exercises to choose from. Getting to try a yoga class on the beach or water aerobics in a nice swimming pool will add to your experience and give you a wonderful memory.

Most people pack on a few new pounds on a vacation – but that doesn’t mean you have to. Keeping yourself healthy should be a priority, even if you’re on a vacation where you want to splurge. By keeping your portions in check and exercising, you can stay in shape while you visit anywhere in the world!

Keep in mind that a healthy diet is a much bigger factor in losing weight than working out, although exercising is still essential. If you feel you may need help during your weight loss process upon your return from vacation, it is important to find a credible fitness center that will keep you motivated to get the results you want! At Beyond Physical, we offer many types of classes, programs and even nutritional direction to get you started or help you along your journey. Contact us at (514) 255-2555.

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