Losing Weight Before the Holiday Season with BP!

Losing Weight Before the Holiday Season with BP!

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin pies, spiced wine, frosted Christmas tree-shaped cookies, and lots of other treats are the hallmark of our favorite holiday season. So, instead of guiltily looking down at the scale come January, here are some tips to actually lose weight before the holiday season has arrived. You will see just how easy it is to keep yourself off the naughty list and resist the temptations that bring unwanted weight gain.

You are What You Eat

Resist the urge to go out to eat. With the days becoming shorter, it’s easy to feel even more unmotivated to cook when you get home. But, instead of being unmotivated, try to take advantage of staying home out of the cold weather and create some new balanced meal recipes.

A balanced meal should have at least 2 servings of vegetables and quality protein. It’s okay to prioritize convenience on those nights you feel tired after work. Maybe try to keep things simple when shopping for ingredients. Instead of fresh veggies, buy them frozen. You will still gain all that important nutritional value that you need and save on preparation time. If you aren’t sure what foods are good options, there are a lot of great nutritional blogs to get some ideas from.

Keep Your Pantry Stocked

As mentioned earlier, you want to avoid eating out excessively during the holiday season. Dining out is an easy habit to get into when there are holiday parties, family get-togethers, and nights when the convenience of fast food sounds relaxing. To help yourself avoid creating a future New Year’s resolution because of this, be sure to keep your kitchen well-stocked. Some easy stocking ideas are:

  • Cook large quantities of your favorite meals and freeze portions to eat later
  • Keep your cabinet full of healthy grains like quinoa, rice, and beans
  • Buy family size packages of your favorite meat and vegetables and portion them before freezing to use later
  • Don’t forget to keep your spices, sauce bases, and canned tomatoes stocked

If you aren’t sure what kind of meal plan you want to follow this holiday season, our experts are ready to help. The Beyond Physical team can create a nutritious meal plan that will support your active lifestyle and help you pursue your fitness goals.

Reevaluate Your Exercise Plan

You can’t say no to your Aunt Martha’s famous rum cake. But, you don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying it either! With delicious holiday food temptations, increasingly shorter days, and colder weather outside, you might find your usual weekly exercise routine starting to dwindle.  By planning additional work out time into your schedule, you won’t need to give a second thought to that slice of dessert.

Some easy changes to your exercise regimen can include activities like:

  • A brisk morning walk or jog
  • Taking the stairs when holiday shopping
  • Parking further away from the entrance of buildings
  • Taking stretch and walk breaks throughout your work day
  • Trying exercises at home
  • Joining Beyond Physical’s Team Training

Come to Beyond Physical to craft a healthy lifestyle plan that you can keep up with throughout the year. If you’re already a member, speak with one of our experts about additional training packages. We can help you keep fit despite all of the holiday food fares you are going to enjoy.

Keep Your Holidays as Dry as Possible

Christmas parties tend to offer an enticing selection of food and drinks, but to stay on track with your fitness goals you must restrict consumption of both solids and liquids. Alcoholic drinks can leave you feeling lethargic and tired the next day. Remember that alcohol is considered a toxin and your liver’s removal of it will be prioritized over all the other toxins it needs to clean out of your system. This holiday season, consider limiting alcohol to a select few days a week.

Start Making Your Holiday Fitness Plan Now

With all of the ideas above, you might be unsure where to begin. Beyond Physical’s expert team of trainers and nutritionists can get you started on the right path to not only avoid the holiday weight gain, but to continue making progress toward dropping those pounds, becoming physically stronger, and maintaining your healthy lifestyle no matter the season.

You can contact us via our web page or call and speak to one of our gym fitness experts today at (514) 255-2555.

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