Small Lifestyle Changes that Lead to Big Results

Small Lifestyle Changes that Lead to Big Results

Whether you’re working one-on-one with a trainer or prefer the camaraderie of group sessions, your everyday choices are vital to safely dropping pounds and inches while building firm, lean muscle mass. The following seven small changes can be the fuel that skyrockets your fitness progress. Incorporate one or more into your routine and enjoy the results.

Start Every Day with a Good Breakfast

What you put into your mouth first thing in the morning will energize you all day. Researchers have found that the most successful dieters never skip breakfast. No time? Make and stash several yogurt parfaits or other eat-on-the-go meals.

Light Up Your Life to Lighten Up

Save the dark for sleep and eat only in well-lit rooms. One study showed that people who ate in bright spaces ate 40 percent fewer calories than those who had their meal in darker places. In other words, this little move shaves 373 calories from the daily intake.

Go Mini for Maximum Results

Want never to feel deprived? Always eat everything in front of you. Just be sure it’s on a small plate. Nutrition scientists have found using salad plates for entrees makes food portions look larger, so you’ll feel satisfied while eating less.

Tap Your Toes to Stay in Tip Top Shape

Sitting all day is one of the worst things you can do for your health. Fortunately, merely tapping your toes helps rev your circulation. While it’s no substitute for regular exercise, toe-tapping can lessen some of the blood vessel damage caused by living a sedentary lifestyle.

Set Your Sights on Good Health

When Google moved the fruit bowl to the front of the cafeteria line, fruit consumption grew by 67 percent in one month. Set out a fruit bowl or stock your refrigerator with ready-to-eat cut veggies. Make fresh produce your first choice rather than an occasional afterthought.

Savor to Slim Down

Eat healthy foods, consistently exercise, and enjoy treats. Researchers have found that a small, daily treat of 150-calories or fewer won’t stall weight loss. Slowly sip a five-ounce glass of wine, or munch on a few cookies every day, without worrying.

Say Yes to Yogurt

Scientists discovered probiotic-rich yogurt could help burn three to four times more body fat. Stick to the plain version of this protein-packed, weight loss wonder. If you want a flavor and nutrition boost, add fruit.

Regardless of your health goals, taking positive action (even baby steps) can drastically assist in the quality of your health and well-being.  If you feel unmotivated or lost on your journey toward your goals, joining a credible fitness center can be a huge push toward getting results! At Beyond Physical, we provide many different types of classes, programs nutritional instruction, and support for individuals looking to make a positive life change. Call us today at (514) 255-2555 to get started.

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