Why You Should Join a Weight Loss Challenge

Why You Should Join a Weight Loss Challenge

A group weight loss challenge can bring out a new level of determination to help you achieve your goals. Studies everywhere show that we benefit from social exercise routines. It’s because working with a partner or a group can help keep you accountable and provide you with unmatched emotional support.

Take a look at these ten reasons to join a weight loss challenge.

Better Routine Building

It will take you a couple of weeks to get into a routine for new patterns of working out. Once you have planted it deep, it will become a habit that will last!

A Little Competition Can Go a Long Way

Your commitment to your team will provide you with accountability. Research has revealed when you work out with a partner you have a much higher chance of succeeding. You want to contribute to your team, not let them down.

Get Help with Your Goals

Goals are essential for any challenge for weight loss, and a partner can help you hit those goals. A partner enables you to celebrate the small accomplishments while you reach your milestones.

Learn From Each Other

You will be learning new skills to help you succeed in your weight loss challenge. You will have new ideas for your workouts, tips for eating healthier, and most likely take some classes you never thought about in the past. Weight loss challenges fill your toolbox with new tools, so you can keep your momentum going after the challenge ends.

Together is More Fun

Once you become involved, the challenge will become fun. You and your fellow competitors will be excited as you begin your journey. You will build friendships and new relationships and can help each other make working out enjoyable. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the people around you.

Get Support

Your new friends will lift you up. They will provide the encouragement you need when you run out of time, believe it has become too hard, or when you’re feeling tired. There is nothing better than support to help make sure you succeed.

Better Health

The best part is you will be healthier, and that is what the challenge is all about. Weight loss challenges bring about a sense of wellness and a fitness. Just imagine your morning run as a way to chase after a healthier you and keep on going.

Fun to Celebrate Milestones

Everyone needs positive reinforcement while they work harder than ever to change the course of their lives. Celebrate your milestones and let them energize you.

Any Excuse is a Good Excuse

Any excuse to work out is a great excuse! Why not challenge yourself? A team challenge helps you get back in the game or get over a slump.

Your Mood Will Thank You

With all the endorphins and your newfound friends, you’ll be feeling a lot better. A solid work out helps with positive thinking, problem-solving, and patience. After completing a strenuous workout and getting support from your peers, you’ll be on the road to feeling better in no time.

Once you realize the benefits of joining a weight loss challenge, all you have left to do is find one that’s best for you! Beyond Physical has a variety of weight loss challenges throughout the year led by amazing coaches that are dedicated to your success. We provide fun, motivating, results-driven commitment to your weight loss. Contact us today at (514) 255-2555 to learn more about our challenges.

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