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Our Team | Saint-Léonard Personal Training | Beyond Physical

Our Team

Who We Are?

Meet Our Training Professionals

Our team atmosphere at Beyond Physical encourages everyone from all demographics to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle in a fun effective manner. We provide a complete training system and highly qualified training team that will help you achieve your fitness goals.



Roberto is the CEO and founder of Beyond Physical, one of the best cutting edge training facilities in Montreal.  He has been working in the fitness field for over 15 years and has a solid reputation as a leading personal trainer and coach. Throughout his career, Roberto has had the opportunity to train and learn from experts from around the globe. He has taken his learnings as well as his work with multiple clients to create his own training system; one that encompasses exercise, nutrition as well as fundamental lifestyle coaching tools.




I love knowing we are changing people’s lives. I love watching the change. I love seeing members leave empowered after seeing what their body can do for them As a Beyond Physical Trainer and Manager, Daniela strives to make each member’s experience in the best it can be! Her main goal is to provide the best customer service and exceed member’s expectations in all areas.


Yoniel De Armas


Yoniel De Armas has dedicated his life to sports and fitness. His journey started as a young child. From the ages of 9-16 years old he attended a ‘Sports-Etudes’ school that combined education with sports training for high performance athletes. It is at that time where he discovered his passion for Judo. Yoniel  has a second degree black belt in Judo and at the age of 16 was part of the National and International teams winning several Gold medals for his native Cuba. He also won Gold in the Pan American games in 2001 & 2002.


Tomas Mazorra


His mission: to help you to achieve your objectives and encourage a healthy and active way of life. As a coach, his main aim is to accompany you, support you and motivate you in your sports activities. His huge passion for and his dedication to physical exercise help a lot of clients to keep their motivation and really smile during coaching sessions.


Melissa Urso


Melissa has been passionate about sports, fitness and dance from an early age. She played competitive soccer for 12 years and was involved in several other sports. In addition, Melissa has over 10 years of training in Latin dancing, having performed in different cities and instructed classes in Montreal. She has also been teaching Zumba for over 3 years.


Giordano Watkins


Giordano has been training in various martial arts for over ten years and is presently a brown belt in Kempo Jujitsu. He has been a student of fitness for many years and is dedicated to providing the resources and knowledge to help improve the health and longevity of each client.  He wants to give each client a friendly and informed training environment where they can cultivate their true potential for success.


Yosvel Ortiz


I have a great passion for sports and fitness. My fitness journey started with sports back in Cuba at the age of 8 I grew  in a family of athletes, my father was a judge of power lifting and my brother is a power lifter, but  passion was sports combat, joining a sports school where Practiced TAEKWONDO martial arts winning several medals in national competitions 

Support Team

The Front Desk team is the part of our customer relationship management at Beyond Physical. Our front desk team interacts with customers for their immediate assistance, concerns and to enhance their experience at Beyond Physical . The amount of social support that surrounds Beyond Physical and the members is incredible! Beyond Physical is not just a gym, but a way of life that impacts everyone who comes through the doors.


What They Say

Beyond Physical boasts a fun and enthusiastic group of coaches who are always there for you from the moment you walk in. The classes are energetic and amazing.
If someone really wants to shed the pounds I recommend Beyond Physical.

Joseph Di Staulo
Joseph Di StauloCustomer

Getting to the end of my 6 week challenge and I'm starting another next week! I love to workout there, the coaches are awesome. I have lost weight, gained strength and most of all, I feel a lot better about myself. I recommend this gym to anyone who wants RESULTS!

Annie Dumay
Annie Dumay Customer

One of the best workouts you can get. Friendly, caring, and supportive staff that gets you to step outside your comfort zone and enjoy it. To top it off, I get to train with my wife.

Paolo Di Tomaso
Paolo Di Tomaso Customer